About the Ganz Danubius Trading Company

The first Hungarian Shipyard, the "Óbuda Shipyard" was founded in 1835 in the bay of the Danube-Island by Óbuda. One year later the first steam-ship named "Árpád" was launched. There followed a boom in cargo transport, setting ever rising requirements before Hungarian shipbuilding industry. Inevitably it resulted in the establishment of further factories. Thus the Újpest Shipyard came into existence in 1863 and in 1881 shipbuilding activity could begin in Balatonfüred as well.

Ganz Danubius Trading Company
The beginning and development of Hungarian crane building is also connected with the industrial evolution and growth of cargo transport. The first Hungarian crane was constructed in 1886. Development has been rapid in this field, too, and soon we met Hungarian portal cranes with 'GANZ' trademark in the biggest ports of the world.

In 1885 the production of industrial boilers began parallel with the beginning and development of crane building in Budapest.

In the first half of the century this sector was characterised by dynamically growing production. Beyond the satisfaction of home demands the number and composition of export products increased rapidly. By the middle of the century the number of employees in the ship and crane building industry totalled 4.000. After the Second World War the factories were nationalised, and production increased by leaps. In order to satisfy commercial demands and to enlarge capacity, in 1953 a new factory was established in Vác, on the bank of the Danube. The fusion of Hungarian ship- and crane building and boiler industry, the formation of the big enterprise "GANZ" Hungarian Shipyards and Crane Factory in 1962 affected favourably the development of the whole industrial sector and permitted the concentration of productive forces. In the course of this process building of new products began with more favourable realising possibilities as before, besides the high-series, continuous manufacture of the products of longstanding, already well known on the world market. On 1 st June 1985 the Hungarian Shipyards and Crane Factory assumed the name of its legal predecessor. The new name of the enterprise became GANZ DANUBIUS Shipyard and Crane Factory.

In 1989 in order to make more effective and economic the activity of the company GANZ DANUBIUS Shipyard and Crane Factory was decentralised and become a holding company under which different individual organisations started the activity, however maintaining the strong internal co-operation in design, fabrication and marketing.

Our Company, the Ganz Danubius Trading Co. Ltd was also established by the Ganz Danubius shipyard and Crane Factory as an independent organisation in the beginning of 1989. Since that time the company continues successfully the more than 100 years old GANZ tradition on the international market, offering competitive services for his clients.

Ganz Danubius Trading Company
The main activities are:

1. Design
1.1 Harbour portal cranes
1.2 Floating dock cranes
1.3 Shipyard erection cranes
1.4 Port wharf cranes
1.5 Container cranes for river ports and railways
1.6 Special shipyard heavy duty cranes and accessories

2. Construction
2.1 Cranes designed by GANZ DANUBIUS
2.2 Special steel constructions for the machine industry

3. Revamping and modernisation of cranes, floating cranes designed and built by GANZ DANUBIUS and other types.

4. Services and spare parts for GANZ DANUBIUS and some other types of cranes

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